Visual Identity System

The visual identity system (VIS) is the public face of our organisation, the skin that projects our identity, and a tool that reflects the strength and personality of our brands.

The evolved VIS plays an integral role in communicating our values and is designed to ensure that all creative materials are used effectively and consistently across all touchpoints.

Download the styleguide (PDF 5.4MB)

museums victoria logo
museums victoria logo
museums victoria logo
museums victoria logo
museums victoria logotype
museums victoria logo
museums victoria logo
museums victoria logo
museums victoria logo

Museums Victoria

R76 G164 B47

Melbourne Museum

R0 G153 B250


R255 G178 B25

Immigration Museum

R203 G23 B51


R100 G193 B190

MV Members

R207 G67 B56


R22 G48 B77


R85 G81 B123

MV Spaces

R67 G44 B68


R0 G153 B250

Accent Grey

R43 G46 B58

Accent Gold

R197 G183 B123

Lead Typeface
Circular Std

Our lead typeface is Circular. Use this for headings display text.

Supporting Typeface
Source Sans Pro

Our supporting typeface is Source Sans. Use this for all body text, excluding way finding and labels.

Find Source Sans Pro on Github

The Melbourne Story is packed with icons of the city's past and present. There are tales of heroes and scoundrels, growth and decline, and the changing ways Melburnians live, work and play. Big stories—of Aboriginal activism, of gold that built grand buildings, of waves of migration—sit along quieter tales of everyday life in the big smoke.

Ride in a restored Luna Park Big Dipper carriage, step into workers' houses from the 1890s and hear the sounds of Melbourne's music scene. See how where you live evolved from traditional Kulin lands to the suburbs of today. Over 1200 irreplaceable objects from Victoria's state collections show that Melbourne is truly a city of stories.

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